Monthly Archives: December 2011

No Christmas in Euroland

So, it’s semi-official; Manchester is a city, London is just a collection of villages. Why do I say that? Well, apart from its obvious truth, there is now proof provided by none other than a statistical survey of the movements of those arrested during the 2010 riots (see Drood, August 9th 2010: “London’s burning!”). Whereas

Capitalism redux

Despite all the folk tales, in which the rich and powerful are cuckolded by young paupers, thieves, stable-lads etc., money is still the most obvious aphrodisiac. But there’s a modern twist. In this post-sexual, one might almost say post-coital age, the aphrodisiac is its own fulfilment. Lucre no longer serves merely as the means for

The oddness of God

“How odd of God / to choose the Jews”, wrote the left-leaning but right-writing journalist “Trilby” in the thirties. This little piece of doggerel would spawn a series of ripostes from various sources (“Not odd of God / Goyim annoy ‘im”; “Not really odd / the Jews chose God”; or this, possibly from Ogden Nash: