Monthly Archives: November 2011

And the home of the brave

It would be tough being the last Mohican. You’d want to leave sooner rather than later. You’d get itchy feet every spring. You’d find it harder each week just to wait until your pay cheque. No one wants to be the last one to leave of the very last ones left. Though I’d like to

Old skins, new whine

Word of victory no longer comes up the valley from Marathon, they’ve grown used to hearing only bad news in Athens. I for one am not going to rise to the bait … no more anti-Greek blogging for this Drood. They’ve already toasted me enough (in the worst sense) in Syntagma. Right now the yawn


My computer has been giving me more than the usual daily dose of difficulty in recent months. Six total crashes at the start of a single day and then perfect for the next week (no reason, just so), then blue-screen-of-death several times in a row, followed by a full-body virus scan and disc integrity check