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The tale of BlackSheep & SheepWolf, part two

From then on, every evening BlackSheep would come to the edge of the forest and slink along the boundary of the field, growling and howling and looking very mean. All the sheep would then rush into a bunch in the middle and stay there until he went back into the trees. But after a few

The tale of BlackSheep & SheepWolf, part one

Once upon a time there was a man who wanted to get to the bottom of things, because he thought that was where the truth lived. But whenever he got there, which was quite often, he found that the bottom of things was a very dark place. However much light he shone on the bottom

Ambivalent anniversaries, IV and final

With a bit of luck, we might have some piece of unwanted furniture to toss up on top. I remember one year in particular. I think I was eleven. That November we dressed our Guy Fawkes in a Dunn-coloured tweed hunting suit that had belonged to the old Earl in his more hearty days, before