Monthly Archives: August 2011

Good science

I’m sure there’s potential to waste some European funding on a study of teenage drinking and the elbow-jerk reflex. That’s not my remit just now. Today I’m writing in the interests of a higher goal. There’s a small bridle path running along one side of my garden that meanders down the valley to the village.

The eternal Monday of the working weekend

I think I’ve mentioned before that I seem to be the last person in the British Diaspora who doesn’t say “absolutely” when he means “yes”. Well, it’s getting worse: “Linguish” is fast taking over whatever was left of English that had not already been destroyed by Essex “chavisms”. I’d like to think that at least

“London’s Burning!”

“Well, unlike Bob I do have somewhere to go … but it’s Peckham, so I’m staying.” In Richard Curtis’ pirate radio comedy, “The Boat that Rocked”, Harold, the young technician  (played nicely unhip and normal by Ike Hamilton) comes up with this line when, one by one, everyone votes to stay on board and boycott

One of us?

Peter Svaar narrowly missed being yet another of Anders Breiviks’s victims. Svaar, a journalist for the Norwegian broadcaster NRK was on the island only 24 hours earlier to interview Jonas Store, minister for foreign affairs, who was visiting the youth camp. Had Breivik timed his attack differently, they might have met. It would have been

Blend it like Beckham

My cousin Fiona’s eldest, Beth, is what used to be called a “tomboy” but now gets tagged as a role model. It was to be expected that the Pankhurst blood would sooner or later produce a Diana or an Athena, and Beth is the real deal: looks like a goddess, moves like an angel, and