Monthly Archives: May 2011

Rest your rant at the end of the Universe

I was more than a little bit cheesed off. Everything was ready: emails bearing the comforting message, “Sorry, but Edwin is out of house for the Big-E” were set to spam you all at the twitch of a wrist, the video link was up and running, my testament was written on a post-it for those

Childhood’s end?

St Paul tells us that when he was a child he thought as a child but that now, having come to man’s estate, he has put away childish things. We sigh, but realise he’s right. The world we live in requires a full kit of sharp-edged tools. Many of the ideas we valued as children

Pomp and circumcision

The royal wedding gave us another example (if one was needed) of how stunningly well the British do pageantry. Everything was perfect that could reasonably be managed in advance: timing, transport, decoration, music, lighting, external video relay, crowd-control, security, etc. Everything that could not reasonably be managed in advance was mostly tasteful and bore the