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The unclear future

The unquiet dead will accuse them. Did they actually know the risks involved, all along? Did they lie about that knowledge? Did they have doubts they refused to admit or discuss? The answer to all these questions is “yes”. Unfortunately, in a nation that makes such a virtue of conformity, self-abnegation and the acceptance of

The marriage of the Arnolfinis (2)

Subterfuge and sharp elbows are required to reach the bar. Beano’s journalist friends have camped out there. They hang morosely over their glasses of Scotch like a horde of overfed and rather frumpy vultures, dissecting Liz Taylor’s career, arguing over the origins of the words Taifun and Tsunami, and whether the latter are really caused,

The marriage of the Arnolfinis (1)

The young man I’m sitting next to is gradually turning into a lizard. By that I don’t mean that he has a face like a lizard (although he has) or that he dresses like a lizard (which he does), it goes far beyond that. In addition to faux lizard-skin clothing and shoes, Mal (his given