Monthly Archives: March 2011

Coalition of the eager

“Oh, what a lovely war!” The RAF rubs its hands gleefully over the opportunity to try out the Typhoon fighter in real warfare. The French discover a new stomach for surgical intervention as well as an unusual, if ambivalent, enthusiasm for working in collaboration with Americans. We all watch in a kind of guilty delight

Interesting times

In a vast, dirty plain full of mangled wreckage stands a girl. She is looking for her horse. She was out riding when the tsunami came rushing up the wide valley. They got separated. Now she doesn’t even know where to start looking as everything is gone: roads, trees, farms, landmarks, even the railway …

The day of the locust

The frenzy or bloodlust is typical of many predators. If there is an unusual density of prey in one place, particularly if there is little chance of them escaping, most predators will kill beyond all possible nutritional need. Big cats will kill far more antelope or wildebeest than they can reasonably carry off and eat,

Honour among thieves

Some say that a conservative is a liberal who got mugged. Well, no one has mugged me yet, but whatever the truth of the dictum, I’ve just decided, after decades of reasonable stances and self-enforced moderation, that I am in favour of both corporal punishment and the death penalty. Yes, Edwin, defender of the meek

My Kingdom for a Norse

The citizens of this tiny little country of just 10 million woke up last week to find that they had broken a world record. Not content with owning female tennis, hurdles and pole-vaulting for the last decade, obviously not satisfied with denying the Chinese a victory in the Australian Open and kicking the Americans out