Monthly Archives: January 2011

Lock up your daughters

Beano’s coming to stay. I’m lucky he gave an announcement. Usually he simply swoops down on the fold like the proverbial Assyrian. Lock up your daughters! No problem there, don’t have any. Lock up your cellars. Ah, that’s going to be more of a problem. I talk it through with J-M who suggests taking my

The innocent age of slapstick

Politics today has more than a little of the burlesque about it. It is the electoral equivalent of a music hall full of bearded ladies, 200-pound fat boys, snake men, limbless fakirs, Afghans with elephant ears, twisted midgets and fire-breathing giants. Recently I have tried to refrain from commenting over much on the imbecile shenanigans

Leaving the box

We live in a box. All our favourite and familiar things are in here with us. Yet due to pressure of numbers, long term problems with the plumbing and heating systems, archaic wiring etc., these once comforting elements are no longer quite doing their job the way they should. So our formerly liveable but now

And a cold back, too

As a boy I used to smoke, secretly of course, whether away at school or at home. I don’t ever remember enjoying it very much in those early years, except for the first time I shared a cigarette with a girl. That was on the roof of the gym after a school dance, an event