Monthly Archives: November 2010

Raising Cane

I have the hat, I have the loafers, I have the shirt. What more could I want? Here, where the entire population seems to live on the beach at the weekend, relaxing under the shade trees to the sound of Zouk on the radio and the smell of charcoal-grilled fish, you have to make a

The wood for the trees

With this bright, autumn weather we’ve been having lately, I thought it was time to clear up a corner of the grounds here that border on a neighbouring farm. I started early in the morning, with the air still crisp and clear, hacking back the underbrush with a bag-hook and cutting away yearling saplings with

A finger in the dyke will no longer do

There are people who are naturally hard to talk to, because the defining event in their lives is something so enormous, so horrifying that it’s difficult to strike up any kind of conversation. Such is the case with the survivors of genocide, carpet bombing, anthropophagous plane crashes in the Andes, systemized rape and mutilation. We