Monthly Archives: October 2010

Once bitten, twice shy … or not

What is it with the vampires? We lived quietly for years in our little village in the mountains without being bothered by anything more threatening than the occasional flickering Bela Lugosi or totally-over-the-top, strictly black and white Christopher Lee on the late movie slot. But recently the un-dead have moved out of the B-stream and

Betting the farm to win a chicken

Apparently, if an element of risk is added, young men are more likely to make a hash of a decision than their elder peers. Testosterone leads to carelessness. Young company hot-shots may be fantastic at new ideas, brilliant at marketing, unstoppable when it comes to departmental productivity, but once they find the water over their

In extremis Deo

There are those for whom golf is a sport: A stroll with your friends across the green in the late afternoon sun, followed by a little something at the club, hardly even counts in my book as exercise. However, since these are the same people who would consider a gentle game of billiards after dinner

Hang onto your Rembrandts

In these still uncertain times, not only the housing market is depressed. Now is not the time to sell your ’57 Telecaster, your burgundy Gordon Keeble, your Maurice Utrillo watercolour, your Patek Philippe or your collection of Rembrandt sketches. Or is it? Well, if you can forge an interesting link, then yes. Now is the