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In frigo veritas

If the adage is true that people get exactly the government they deserve, then the degree of respect in which a government holds its electorate stands in direct relation to the nature of this deservedness. Over recent months certain governments have showed such disrespect for their own people that one wonders with what mandate, if

Burning man

The world in general, U.S. Americans and Muslims in particular, and the Commander of American forces in Afghanistan most definitely, have been much exercised over the last week by the approaching days of Eid, a three-day holiday that marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, and that happens this year to coincide with

The best years of our lives

When does suicide begin to look like a good option? Obviously those in severe and constant physical pain, the terminally and hopelessly ill, those who are at the end of their emotional tether, worn out by circumstance and the cumulative effect of bad luck and even worse decisions, the lonely and neglected, the deserted and

Presenting marine mammals: the day job

It has now rained for forty days and forty nights so I feel the appropriate time has come: ladies and gentlemen, today I give you the whale. Wonderful creature, beautiful, sleek, intelligent, social, musical (well, sort of) cheap to run (440 miles on a mouthful of plankton) and albeit a mammal to boot. Why is