Monthly Archives: May 2010

Defeat by design

An acquaintance of mine once said: “when I hear the word ‘culture’ I reach for the bottle opener”. Did this make me mark him down as a philistine? Well, yes, but it also made me think … about bottle openers. When you consider the number of firms that give out free bottle-opening, key-ring attachments with

The ineffable weirdness of Kim Jong-Il

One day there’ll be no more North Korea. Geographically it may still exist (depending how the next round of brinkmanship plays out) but as a state: goodbye, Mr. Bond! Sooner rather than later we shall wake up to a world in which the name “Kim” no longer means “hereditary dictator” in Korean but once again

Sexing up the language

I’m a text-worker. We text-workers are a lot like sex-workers: we’ve been around since the dawn of time (or at least since the written word), we’re congenitally under-appreciated, we’ll do almost anything for money, we can hold several positions simultaneously without feeling compromised (that’s because we were compromised so long ago) and we can make

Serious numbers

My apologies to any Greeks I may have offended. Apparently, you are not guilty of anything, but are rather the victims of Europe’s failure to apply the principles of Mr Maynard Keynes to its central bank and export/import ratios. So, carry on with the cocktail party. In the meantime the great bonzes have come up

I’ve had it with the Greeks

That’s it; I’ve had it with the Greeks. Right up to here … to HERE! Just because they invented the word anarchy, doesn’t give them the right to impose an Anarchy 101 crash course on the rest of Europe. Right now Athens looks like a back lot for a Ridley Scott movie. All that’s missing